FinTech iBanFirst expands its Sales, Marketing & Tech teams

4 July 2019

No less than 4 experts have joined the ranks of the ‘future unicorn’. The goal of these appointments? To initiate a clear international offensive and support the launch of the company’s new products.  


Libra: Could it actually be good news?

24 June 2019

Facebook has sent shockwaves through the financial world by announcing the launch of its blockchain-based cryptocurrency, Libra, for the first half of 2020. It will be governed by the Libra Association, consisting of representatives of Facebook's dedicated subsidiary, Calibra, and its 27 partner gro...


The CEO's Letter

14 November 2018

iBanFirst raised €10 million two years ago… We have just concluded our B Series, which stands at €15 million. This is clear evidence of our credibility and solidity, confirmed by some promising growth indicators: iBanFirst now has 2,500 clients. Between them, they carried out 40,000 transactions usi...


BEN, SHARE, OUR: 3 options for international payments

6 November 2018

When you initiate an international payment, you have 3 billing options to choose from: either you take the possible costs at your own expense, or you charge them to the beneficiary of the payment, or you share them fairly.


4 advantages of the real-time exchange rate for SMEs-SMIs

24 October 2018

Any SME - SMI that has had to do foreign exchange transactions via its bank (international transfers in particular) can testify: the system is opaque and the costs high. However, today, solutions exist to provide SMEs - SMIs with real-time exchange rates, under economic and transparent conditions.


What do PSD1 and PSD2 mean and why are they important?

12 October 2018

PSD1 opened up the European banking and financial services market 9 years ago.

Topics: PSD2 AISP