iBanFirst enters Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 2018 ranking in the top 100

17 October 2019

This benchmark recognises the growth of 500 of the most innovative companies, raising their profile among the most influential investors, venture capitalists and market analysts. iBanFirst is listed in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) category.


Countdown to Brexit: 8 days

11 October 2019

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has until 19 October to ask the EU for a third postponement if he fails to get the British Parliament’s support for the latest draft deal. At this stage, things are not looking good for the British government. In the middle of the week, London presented its l...


Romain Grosjean - If I were...

19 September 2019

What's the link between Formula 1 and a fintech?


Open Banking: We Are Ready

18 September 2019


Why the banks will never catch up with the Fintechs?

30 August 2019

In 2012, $3 billion was invested in Fintechs. Three years later, this amount had reached $20 billion. In the first half of 2018 alone, it exceeded 27.5 billion. All sectors of the banking industry have since been disrupted: payments between individuals, international payments, corporate banking, loa...


Are transfers in dollars about to disappear?

31 July 2019

What if tomorrow your bank no longer allowed you to make transfers in dollars? This isn’t a fictional hypothesis: even today, certain banks are already having great difficulty processing flows of the American currency, while there are many concerns centred around the dollar. To understand the situat...

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