From vision to reality: The iBanFirst rebranding journey

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A lot’s changed since iBanFirst came to be. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot. Donald Trump was elected 45th President of the United States. And SpaceX launched a Tesla Roadster into space.


We’ve changed a fair bit, too. 


But one thing has largely stayed the same in that time. Our branding. It’s time to change that. Let us tell you why. 

We were lost in a sea of blue-tinted financial services providers. We knew we were different. Bold. Forward-thinking. Deeply connected to our clients. But our brand identity didn't quite capture that essence.

- Myriam Dakkouni, Head of Brand & Content Marketing

Like many new companies, when we first set out, we prioritised time to market and played it safe in the way we introduced ourselves to the world. Rather than wanting to stand out from the crowd, we were more comfortable blending in. 

Fast forward to today, we now have over 360 members of the iBanFirst family working across ten different countries, serving over 6,000 clients worldwide, helping them to process 1.4 billion euros worth of cross-border transactions a month. 


iBanFirst's new brand


So we decided that it was time to revisit how we present ourselves to the world, not just for the sake of change, but to bring our brand back in line with who we truly are and how our clients perceive us.


Shining a spotlight on what matters

Here's a quick story for you. 


Cast your mind back a couple of years. The world was in the grip of a pandemic, people were confined to their homes and the economic forecast was shaky at best. 


We knew that if there were ever a time our clients needed our full support, it was then. And while many of our competitors reduced their operations, we doubled down and came through for them in every way we could. 


We were flooded with messages of gratitude that not only warmed our hearts but made us realise the full extent of our impact and the true power that lies within what we do.

At iBanFirst, we help small multinationals feel strong and go big in the world. That’s our mission.

- David Remaud, Chief Marketing Officer

That’s why as we began our rebranding journey, one thing was certain: we wanted to shine a light on the special bond we share with our clients and what truly sets us apart – a unique blend of technology and human touch, empowering our clients to conquer the world, one payment at a time.


Out with the old, in with the bold

Thanks to plenty of help from everyone across the entire company, plus a couple of external uber-talented agencies (hi Soul and Lord!), the new and improved iBanFirst was born!

Our new colour palette, typography and illustrations all exude a sense of confidence, maturity and humanity, with an added touch of energy that perfectly captures our drive to challenge the norm and our clients’ adventurous spirit. 


And let's not forget our revamped logo – the infinity symbol remains at the heart of it all, representing our forward-thinking mindset and our commitment to unlocking the power of a borderless world. We’ve given it a little makeover to keep up with the times and blend seamlessly with the rest of our new look.


But it's not just about looking good – we've also reinvented our tone of voice to be more engaging and friendly, just like the way we interact with our clients. We're still experts in what we do, but we're not afraid to show a little personality, either.

And last but not least, our new tagline, ‘Trust beyond borders’, seals the deal.

Central to the rebranding is the key notion of trust. Through our new tagline, we’re reinforcing the fact that we’re best placed to help companies do business with confidence in these turbulent times.

- Matthieu Chaigne, Chief Communication Officer

At iBanFirst, we're committed to breaking down the barriers that have long held back small and medium-sized businesses from trading globally. That's why we're passionate about setting a new standard for cross-border transactions and creating a future where borders are not barriers, but gateways to new opportunities. Our new brand identity reflects that commitment.


This is not just rebranding. This is just the beginning.


iBanFirst's new logo