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Wrapping up 2019 and unveiling 2020: a note from our product team

13 January 2020


Wrapping up 2019 and unveiling 2020: a note from our product team

2019 was great...

2019 was a pivotal year for iBanFirst in terms of new products and features as well as product team organisation and methods. We are very proud of what has been achieved over the year! We launched multiple new distinctive products and improved our existing products in 2019:

  • We launched import lending, our short-term financing product, have already lent a few million euros to selected clients, and will further push this product in 2020 with a new, more scalable setup.
  • We added dynamic forwards to our hedging offering to allow companies to set up sophisticated hedging strategies.
  • We launched a major redesign of our client web app, with a new design system, navigation, and dashboard, and more user flows will be redesigned in early 2020.
  • We launched our PSD2 API for authorised third-party providers, in addition to our existing client API.
  • We learned how to migrate hundreds of clients in just a few days, following the acquisition of NBWM in the Netherlands and Forexfix in Germany.
  • Last but not least, we made major improvements to our core banking system and back-office app and processes to support our growth, while ensuring our regulatory requirements are met and our operational and financial risks are under control.

Great things can only be achieved with great people and great methods. In 2019, we strengthened our product organisation and put new methods in place:

  • We hired our new CPO Oualid, two new PMs Rose and Florian (although the latter has decided to move on to new adventures), our first UX / UI lead Mako, and our first head of QA Bahia.
  • We opened access to and put data at the centre of our product discovery and decision processes.
  • We launched multiple initiatives to give PMs a more direct access to our clients and users, including in-app NPS, follow-up calls with NPS detractors, client call replays, etc. PMs collectively met with dozens of users from companies of all sizes and industries to better understand their use cases and identify areas of product and process improvements.

In 2019, we learned to be patient and that great things take time and collective effort.

… and 2020 will be even greater!

With a 2019 year full of progress and promises, we are very excited to jump into 2020, with ambitious new products and features as well as more changes and additions to our product organisation and methods!

What drives us at iBanFirst is the deep-rooted belief that companies of all sizes deserve the best financial services platform to strive in a global economy. Our goal for 2020 is to become a true one-stop solution for all B2B international payments, regardless of their currency, direction (incoming or outgoing), and country of origin or destination. To do so, we will launch multiple new products and features as well as improve our existing products:

  • We will continue our client web app redesign, including onboarding, login, and payment user flows.
  • Users will be able to use a brand-new client mobile app, with new features and use cases.
  • Users will be able to track their incoming and outgoing payments in real-time, with our payment tracker, leveraging SWFIT GPI capabilities as well as our own internal data.
  • We will launch NL and DE BICs and IBANs for our Dutch and German clients and accelerate in these two new markets.
  • Users will be able to pay all their suppliers and partners in their local currency, with up to 100 new currencies being added to our already existing 35 currencies.
  • We will strengthen our collection capabilities, with local accounts in more countries as well as a new payment request feature.
  • We will keep improving our core banking system and back-office app to support our sales and operations teams in their daily tasks and keep up with our ambitious growth targets.

These ambitious goals require significant changes and additions to our product organisation and methods in 2020:

  • The biggest change of all is the addition of a tech team in Paris to complete our team in Dijon. Our tech team allowed us to build the v0, v1, and v2 of what iBanFirst is today (as well as a few experiments that were not so successful and were shut down or scaled down), including our core banking system, connectivity to multiple banking, payment, and FX partners, back-office app, and client web app. We owe them a lot and are truly grateful to each and every one of them, from the first to the new joiners and everybody who came in between. Now has come the time to further scale our tech organisation, build a brand-new team in Paris (where our biggest office already is), and add new talents for all roles, in Paris and Dijon.
  • We will be adding at least 4 new PMs (two of which already joined us this week) and 15-20 new software engineers in 2020, as well as QA engineers, data engineers, and DevOps experts.
  • We will reorganise our product and tech teams into tribes, squads, and chapters, for more autonomy, mastery, and agility.
  • We will further invest in tools and methods to improve processes and communication.

We have multiple roles open across all teams (product, development, QA, data, DevOps, etc.), in Paris and Dijon, for candidates of all levels of seniority, so feel free to get in touch or pass the word to people interested in your network!

Goodbye 2019, now onto 2020 and beyond and let's make 2020 even greater than 2019!


Article written by Edouard Mandon, Senior Product Manager at iBanFirst

A member of the Product team, Edouard joined iBanFirst in 2017 and is currently in charge of the product development cycle, from discovery to delivery. Prior to iBanFirst, Edouard worked at Jumia Group and Cubyn where he built and grew Finance and Operations teams. Edouard is a Sciences Po graduate.

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