Video: iBanFirst's Platform Overview

18 July 2018

Hello and welcome to our overview of iBanFirst’s platform – the best foreign currency conversions and payments for companies.


Let’s begin:

To login, visit our website and - on the top menu - just click “Login”. Please choose either Live or Demo. For this presentation we will log in to the Demo platform.

Now enter your email address.

Section 1: Dashboard

After your login, the “Dashboard” for your account appears. Here you can easily see:

  • All your accounts
  • the transactions you want to make
  • historical foreign exchange rates
  • all messages for your accounts (they always appear on the right side of the screen).

Section 2: Accounts

The “Accounts” section shows all your available IBAN accounts with their individual currencies and balances. By clicking on one account, its full details are shown. And:

The drop-down menu shows you how to credit your account. Below that, there’s a list of all your transactions.If you want, you can easily filter them or download them.

Section 3: Payments

To make a transaction, just click on “Payments”. From the “Beneficiary” drop-down menu, choose the account you want to make the payment to. As you see, the “Account to Debit” is automatically selected, based on the currency you want to make the payment in.

To choose a different account to pay, click on “Modify”. Enter the amount you want to transfer and select the “Speed” and “Fees”.

“Communication” is where you write the message to your beneficiary. Enter the beneficiary’s email if you want to notify them.

The internal reference is only visible to you.

Click on “Next”, then check the details and the applied rate. If everything is okay, click “Validate” to complete your payment.

Section 4: Buy / Sell

With “Buy/Sell” you can make currency conversions between your iBanFirst accounts and benefit from live prices – the real-time market rates. Choose the currency to buy, the currency to sell and the amount of currency that you want. Click “Next” and “Validate” the transaction if you want to accept the conversion rate offered.The amounts of the different currencies are debited and credited instantly.

Section 5: FX Centre

In “FX Centre” you can see the real-time market exchange rates – shown here with different crosses.

You can also create Price Alerts for your preferred currency pair and choose to receive either an SMS notification or an email from your Account Manager.

Section 6: Transactions

By selecting the “Transactions” button, you see your list of all transactions. You can filter them by “Date”, “Type” and “Status”.

You can even create your own customised filters. If you click a specific transaction, you will see the detailed information about it. And here you can also download a transaction confirmation in PDF format.

Section 7: Beneficiaries

With the “Beneficiaries” button, you access the list of all beneficiaries you have already added. Here you can also add new beneficiaries you want to send payments to. And here you can make a payment to an individual beneficiary just by clicking on the send icon.

To add or modify users, go to the top right of the menu where you see your name on the screen and select the “Users” on the drop-down menu.

For “Security”, select the option from the same top right menu here, and you can add dual authentication and see the login activity for the accounts.

As a Live client, it is here that you can also get in touch with your Account Manager via email or phone. You can also request a call back from your Account Manager or ask them a question.

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