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Hello and welcome to our overview of iBanFirst’s platform – the best foreign currency conversions and payments for companies.


Let’s begin

  1. To login, visit our website and - on the top menu - just click “Login”.  Choose either Live or Demo. For this presentation we will log in to the Demo platform.

  2. Now enter your email address.

Buy/ Sell

With “Buy/Sell” you can make currency conversions between your iBanFirst accounts and benefit from live prices – the real-time market rates.

  • Choose the currency to buy, the currency to sell and the amount of currency that you want.

  • Click “Next” and “Validate” the transaction if you want to accept the conversion rate offered.

The amounts of the different currencies are debited and credited instantly.


To make a transaction, just click on “Payments”.

From the “Beneficiary” drop-down menu, choose the account you want to make the payment to. As you see, the “Account to Debit” is automatically selected, based on the currency you want to make the payment in. 

To choose a different account to pay, click on “Modify”.

    • Enter the amount you want to transfer and select the “Speed” and “Fees”.

    • “Communication” is where you write the message to your beneficiary.

    • Enter the beneficiary’s email if you want to notify them. The internal reference is only visible to you. 

    • Click on “Next”, then check the details and the applied rate.

    • if everything is okay, click “Validate” to complete your payment.

As a Live client, it is here that you can also get in touch with your Account Manager via email or phone.

You can also request a call back from your Account Manager or ask them a question.