What alternatives to banks do small businesses have?

7 May 2020

Most companies were not prepared to deal with this situation. Small businesses in particular are now struggling to refinance as normal despite the government pressure on banks.


When will India deliver on its promise?

5 February 2020

Thanks to rapid population growth and increasing prosperity, India’s economy could eventually catch up with that of the United States. But first, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have to fire up the country’s economy.


Why banks will never catch up with fintechs?

30 August 2019

In 2012, $3 billion was invested in Fintechs. Three years later, this amount had reached $20 billion. In the first half of 2018 alone, it exceeded 27.5 billion. All sectors of the banking industry have since been disrupted: payments between individuals, international payments, corporate banking, loa...


Are transfers in dollars about to disappear?

31 July 2019

What if tomorrow your bank no longer allowed you to make transfers in dollars? This isn’t a fictional hypothesis: even today, certain banks are already having great difficulty processing flows of the American currency, while there are many concerns centred around the dollar. To understand the situat...

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Libra: Could it actually be good news?

24 June 2019

Facebook has sent shockwaves through the financial world by announcing the launch of its blockchain-based cryptocurrency, Libra, for the first half of 2020. It will be governed by the Libra Association, consisting of representatives of Facebook's dedicated subsidiary, Calibra, and its 27 partner gro...