BEN, SHARE, OUR: 3 options for international payments

06-Nov-2018 09:31:00

Olvassa cikkünket magyarul  |  Διαβάστε το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά When you initiate an international payment, you have 3 billing options to choose from: either you take the possible costs at your own expense, or you charge them to the beneficiary of the payment, or you share them fairly.

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Forex risk hedging proposals for businesses from iBanFirst

11-Sep-2018 08:38:54

iBanFirst, specialising in multicurrency transactions for companies, through its online platform is offering two 100 % online foreign exchange hedge solutions to help its clients manage the risk related to exchange rate fluctuations for their international payment flows.

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Video: iBanFirst's Platform Overview

18-Jul-2018 13:15:29

Hello and welcome to our overview of iBanFirst’s platform – the best foreign currency conversions and payments for companies.

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International Payments at top speed

17-Jul-2018 12:41:27

The iBanFirst company joined the pilot service "SWIFT gpi" (global payments innovation) launched by SWIFT. The goal: more speed and transparency in international payments.

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