The challenges of ocean freight and how to face them

12 April 2021

Ocean freight is a volatile space, with businesses eager to secure container capacity and limit their expenses. When supply is low, however, just how can shippers satisfy their cargo needs, while managing costs and reliability?


How to keep track of payments and invoices

15 March 2021

Accounting, invoicing and tracking payments are major concerns for SMEs, whose cash flow management and financial health greatly benefit from putting the right systems in place. We examine the factors to consider when choosing accounting software, as well as the best practices to implement to keep o...


What is a dynamic forward contract?

5 February 2021

Many SMEs and mid-caps make significant volumes of cross-border payments. However, they often ignore the FX hedging solutions available to secure their margins and neutralise foreign exchange risk. We take a look at the characteristics and advantages of dynamic forward contracts.


All you need to know about international payments

15 January 2021

International payments are a core concern for any business with clients, suppliers or subsidiaries abroad. We take a look at the factors to consider when transferring funds internationally, from the chosen payment method to the solutions available to make the process faster, cheaper and more transpa...


What solutions are there to protect against foreign exchange market volatility?

5 January 2021

Currency hedging solutions offering high levels of flexibility are a compelling option for businesses that wish to secure their commercial margins. We take a look at some of the most appealing dynamic FX hedging solutions on offer.


Why Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) matters

16 December 2020

Since the European Union passed its revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), there has been much talk about strong customer authentication, or SCA. But what is SCA? How is it reflected in our web-based transactions? How does it create challenges for businesses operating online and what are its ben...