All you need to know about international payments

15 January 2021

International payments are a core concern for any business with clients, suppliers or subsidiaries abroad. We take a look at the factors to consider when transferring funds internationally, from the chosen payment method to the solutions available to make the process faster, cheaper and more transpa...


What solutions are there to protect against foreign exchange market volatility?

5 January 2021

Currency hedging solutions offering high levels of flexibility are a compelling option for businesses that wish to secure their commercial margins. We take a look at some of the most appealing dynamic FX hedging solutions on offer.


Why Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) matters?

16 December 2020

Since the European Union passed its revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), there has been much talk about strong customer authentication, or SCA. But what is SCA? How is it reflected in our web-based transactions? How does it create challenges for businesses operating online and what are its ben...


Intercompany accounting, how does it work?

1 December 2020

Intercompany accounting is a complex field for all businesses involved. But what exactly does it entail? What are the different steps to follow and the standards to adhere to? How can these processes be optimised?


Which are the emerging currencies to watch out for in Asia?

16 October 2020

Emerging economies in Asia present a host of opportunities for businesses. On the exchange market too some Asian countries and currencies are the subject of growing interest. In this article, we analyse four currencies in the region, the Chinese yuan (CNY/CNH), the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), the Thai b...


Currency devaluation, at what cost?

13 October 2020

While devaluation is a well-known monetary policy instrument, many are little aware its most apparent effects. Discover the main reasons why a country or currency area might to resort to devaluation, as well as its major consequences.