EUR/USD exhibits lateral movement and a decline in volumes

18 August 2020

The weekly fluctuation range of the main EUR currency pairs was particularly modest last week. By way of example, among the major pairs, the one with the largest weekly fluctuation was EUR/CAD, with a fall of just -0.94%. This is a far cry from the levels of fluctuation we have seen in recent months...


Onwards and upwards for the Eurodollar

4 August 2020

The euro pulled off quite a coup against its main counterparts last week. The only exception was the EUR/GBP pair, which entered a consolidation phase and fell by 1.36%. The EUR/USD pair crossed the 1.18 threshold and even tried a breakaway above 1.19. The most traded pair on the foreign exchange ma...


Who's got their finger on the pulse? The stock markets or the forex world?

15 July 2020

Stock market prices have been creeping upwards in recent weeks, but in the forex world, traders are seeking refuge in safe haven currencies. Although the stock markets are anticipating positive developments, we won’t know who’s right until a few months from now.


EUR/USD chart offers some insight

25 June 2020

People are always looking for insight on what’s going on in the world. Investors spell out the economic news with a view to establishing a connection with price rises in the stock exchanges. Currency traders also present their own arguments, either for or against, in order to justify their predictio...


EUR/USD: unexpected turnaround

10 June 2020

It's the ECB effect. The euro registered its longest uninterrupted rise against the US dollar for ten years last week. Since the start of the coronavirus crisis the single currency had been moving within a wide range between 1.07 and 1.12 with a pivot point at around 1.10. In the space of a few sess...


EUR/USD remains vulnerable

25 May 2020

The world news in 2020 seems to be dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In its purest form, technical analysis focuses exclusively on price charts and the indicators derived from them. In the graph for the EUR/USD currency pair, the influence of the coronavirus and the measures taken to contain it se...