Consolidation in the currency market

11 August 2020

The euro continued to trade in the green last week against safe havens and the pound sterling, although the gains were somewhat limited (less than +0.50% over the course of the week). It is safe to say that the market has entered a consolidation phase, a sign of increased caution among market operat...


EUR/GBP: heading for 0.92 this summer

15 July 2020

The EUR/GBP pair is trading in the black. Up 0.37% this month, with a three-month rise of nearly 3%, not to mention a leap of almost 6% since the beginning of the year. The euro’s rise can be explained more by the floundering pound due to Brexit-related uncertainties than by any long-term return of ...


Severe blow for the pound sterling

8 July 2020

The pound sterling fell by about 10% against the euro from mid-February onwards. That speaks volumes about the forex world’s concerns about the potential failure of Brexit negotiations. However, there are several reasons to remain somewhat optimistic, all things considered.


The euro comes up trumps against the pound sterling

6 July 2020

As I draft this technical analysis, on the evening of Tuesday 30 June, the foreign exchange market hasn’t exactly been optimistic that the UK will request an extension of the Brexit transition period before 1 July. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the European Union (EU) have been on a colli...


Brexit: Johnson takes matters into his own hands

16 June 2020

Britain left the EU at the end of January. Both parties gave themselves until the end of this year to reach a trade agreement, but the negotiations are at a deadlock. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet European heads of government next week. Can the dreaded no-deal Brexit be avoided?


EUR/GBP: risk of no-deal Brexit looms large again

15 June 2020

There are the risks we know about – the inevitable bankruptcies, rising unemployment, a new wave of the virus taking shape in several American states, such as Texas and Florida – and then there are the risks we know less about, which could generate substantial volatility on the foreign exchange mark...