Despite bearish indicators, the currency market remains defiant

29 June 2020

The contrast couldn’t be more striking. Though negative indicators on both the economic and public health fronts continue to pile up, the currency market is experiencing limited volatility, with the euro even showing a slight increase against its main rivals last week (up 20% against the US dollar, ...


Losing streak for the euro

22 June 2020

The euro has experienced some ill fortune as of late, losing ground to its main rivals last week, with the notable exception of the pound sterling. The single currency’s fall reflects the return of risk aversion on the foreign exchange market resulting from a combination of health crisis woes, geopo...


The European Central Bank in the crosshairs

2 June 2020

Last week, the euro crossed the symbolic threshold of 1.10 dollars per euro. While there had been several brushes with this milestone threshold recently, it had not yet been lastingly crossed. The happy surprise of the European Commission’s recovery plan (worth an unexpectedly large 750 billion euro...


The five factors that can derail the euro

26 May 2020

Last week's widespread rise of the euro against its major counterparts should not be misleading. The single currency is destined to fall further in the coming months, particularly against safe haven currencies (USD, JPY, and to a lesser extent against the CHF due to repeated interventions by the Swi...


Nearly universal rebound of the euro

5 May 2020

With the exception of the EUR/GBP pair, which posts a week-on-week drop of -0.40%, the euro made a generalised rebound against its main counterparts, after being put under pressure during the week preceding 28 April. The euro shows its strongest rise against the US dollar (+1.40%) and the Canadian d...


My name is Bond ... Eurobond!

16 April 2020

The discussion about Eurobonds has flared up last week. This also happened during the Greek debt crisis, and probably will again in the future – until a solution is found to the imbalances within Europe. Meanwhile, the euro is once again the victim.