Brexit, the final curtain call

16 December 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, the final stretch in Brexit negotiations is currently underway. Will a last-minute deal be struck or will talks ultimately be extended? These are the questions on everyone’s lips. Regardless of the final outcome, the impact will be considerable. But what are the true issues...


Can the lira still be saved?

19 August 2020

A disastrous combination of questionable economic policy and the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has left the Turkish lira in free fall. The country has various options to escape from the malaise but prefers not to avail of them.


EUR/USD exhibits lateral movement and a decline in volumes

18 August 2020

The weekly fluctuation range of the main EUR currency pairs was particularly modest last week. By way of example, among the major pairs, the one with the largest weekly fluctuation was EUR/CAD, with a fall of just -0.94%. This is a far cry from the levels of fluctuation we have seen in recent months...


Consolidation in the currency market

11 August 2020

The euro continued to trade in the green last week against safe havens and the pound sterling, although the gains were somewhat limited (less than +0.50% over the course of the week). It is safe to say that the market has entered a consolidation phase, a sign of increased caution among market operat...


Onwards and upwards for the Eurodollar

4 August 2020

The euro pulled off quite a coup against its main counterparts last week. The only exception was the EUR/GBP pair, which entered a consolidation phase and fell by 1.36%. The EUR/USD pair crossed the 1.18 threshold and even tried a breakaway above 1.19. The most traded pair on the foreign exchange ma...


The sky’s the limit as the euro heads for 1.17 over the summer period

27 July 2020

It was another crazy week for the single currency, which ended in the black week on week against its main rivals. The largest gain — around 1.58% — was made against the US dollar, while the month-on-month increase reached as high as 3%.