Despite bearish indicators, the currency market remains defiant

29 June 2020

The contrast couldn’t be more striking. Though negative indicators on both the economic and public health fronts continue to pile up, the currency market is experiencing limited volatility, with the euro even showing a slight increase against its main rivals last week (up 20% against the US dollar, ...


Losing streak for the euro

22 June 2020

The euro has experienced some ill fortune as of late, losing ground to its main rivals last week, with the notable exception of the pound sterling. The single currency’s fall reflects the return of risk aversion on the foreign exchange market resulting from a combination of health crisis woes, geopo...


EUR/ILS: the pair’s bearish supercycle isn’t over yet

19 June 2020

The EUR/ILS pair’s evolution must be understood in cycles. In 2007, the pair (euro/shekel) had reached a historic high of 5.95, prior to the global financial crisis, which gave rise to a long-term bear cycle. Setbacks on the European end of things, from the banking crisis, to Greece’s collapse in 20...


Brexit: Johnson takes matters into his own hands

16 June 2020

Britain left the EU at the end of January. Both parties gave themselves until the end of this year to reach a trade agreement, but the negotiations are at a deadlock. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet European heads of government next week. Can the dreaded no-deal Brexit be avoided?


EUR/GBP: risk of no-deal Brexit looms large again

15 June 2020

There are the risks we know about – the inevitable bankruptcies, rising unemployment, a new wave of the virus taking shape in several American states, such as Texas and Florida – and then there are the risks we know less about, which could generate substantial volatility on the foreign exchange mark...


Will the next election mean a loss for Trump?

10 June 2020

The American economy is experiencing its darkest hour since the Great Depression of 1929. Moreover, riots have broken out in many cities following the death of George Floyd. The chances of Donald Trump being re-elected are diminishing every day.

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