Foreign exchange market outlook for Q4 2020

16 October 2020

The economic outlook for Q4 2020, events likely to influence volatility on the forex market, as well as solutions to guard against this. Check out the key takeaways from our recent webinar.


Despite bearish indicators, the currency market remains defiant

29 June 2020

The contrast couldn’t be more striking. Though negative indicators on both the economic and public health fronts continue to pile up, the currency market is experiencing limited volatility, with the euro even showing a slight increase against its main rivals last week (up 20% against the US dollar, ...


Three questions to explain the recent turmoil in exchange rates

10 March 2020

We examine the recent strong movements observed in the currency market, linked to the coronavirus crisis and the collapse in oil barrel prices.


Fed panics: dollar bears the brunt

9 March 2020

Panic is a bad advisor in the financial world. Still, the US central bank has let itself be guided by its fears in its surprising decision to cut the interest rates. It looks like there are hard times ahead, particularly for the dollar.

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Will the yen be the next coronavirus victim?

29 February 2020

When tension in the financial world increases, the Japanese yen is often considered a safe haven currency. However, this was hardly noticeable in recent weeks. A VAT increase is producing just as severe a blow on the currency as the Corona virus.