The euro’s woes are not yet over

7 April 2020

Last week again saw a high level of risk aversion, resulting in a sharp drop in the euro against the safe haven currencies of the Swiss franc (CHF), Japanese yen (JPY) and US dollar (USD). The uncertainty surrounding the length of the lockdown period (some studies point to restrictions on the moveme...


Three questions to understand what’s happening on the forex market

30 March 2020

Why did the EUR/USD increase last week? The euro strengthened substantially last week against the safe-haven currencies, essentially the US dollar and the Japanese yen. This appreciation followed several weeks of decline, and has not totally wiped out the losses that have been piling up since the ye...


Consumers rejoice while stock market despairs

13 March 2020

At present, the coronavirus demands all our attention, but the roller coaster behaviour exhibited by oil prices is at least as alarming to investors. For the time being, consumers can rejoice at the lower price of petrol, but if this continues, the financial world will be in for another shock.