A depression? I think not.

26 May 2020

The figures on the American economy may evoke memories of a very dark period, but we fortunately don’t have to be as concerned as newspaper headlines sometimes suggest.


China: mega power with mini currency

18 May 2020

China has been doing everything in its power for years to catch up with the United States as the biggest economy in the world. Chinese power is also increasing in the fields of international politics and technology. However, the renminbi is condemned to a position along the fringes of the forex worl...


Uniqueness makes bitcoin unpredictable

14 May 2020

The bitcoin launched an impressive offensive just after the first two weeks in March. The cryptocoin has risen by no less than 75% in just over a month and a half.


Dollarydoo steals the show — or Australian dollar no longer Down Under

2 May 2020

The Australian dollar has been stealing the show in the forex world for the past few weeks. The forest fires have been extinguished, the country has remained largely unaffected by the corona outbreak and the central bank has dispelled the doubts of forex traders.


Sweden charts its own COVID-19 course: the krona is clambering back up

28 April 2020

In Sweden, the pavement cafés are buzzing and everyone can go and get their hair cut. The Dutch will still have to wait some time before this is possible, but everyday life has hardly changed for the Swedes since the corona outbreak. The recovery of the Swedish krona demonstrates that foreign exchan...


Catastrophe in Russia

22 April 2020

A catastrophe is threatening to unfold in Russia. The country is hit hard by the corona outbreak, while the crash of the oil price is creating a huge dent in the budget. Russians, however, are much more accustomed to catastrophe than those of us in the Western world.