Forex risk hedging proposals for businesses from iBanFirst

11 September 2018

iBanFirst, specialising in multicurrency transactions for companies, through its online platform is offering two 100 % online foreign exchange hedge solutions to help its clients manage the risk related to exchange rate fluctuations for their international payment flows.

iBanFirst helps its clients secure their sales margins

iBanFirst is offering its clients two types of exchange hedge instruments without subscription fees for their trade payables in foreign currencies.

The forward exchange contract lets clients benefit from a guaranteed exchange rate to settle their invoices in foreign currencies for predetermined amounts and maturities. Clients have a predetermined reserve of foreign currencies that can be used at a future date within one year after signing the contract. This protects them against appreciation of the purchased currency and secures their sales margins.

The flexible-date forward exchange contract, exclusively available from iBanFirst, secures a single guaranteed exchange rate for settlement of invoices in foreign currencies within a given period. The platform’s clients are able to secure their sales margins with invoices in foreign currencies of amounts not known in advance. This gives them a foreign currency reserve at their disposal at all times throughout the effective period of their contract.


“By offering exchange hedge contracts to our clients, we help them develop their business internationally with no worries”, says Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, CEO and founder of iBanFirst. “We know it is important for them to be able to plan long term in order to control their sales margin. Our offers let them define their sales strategy internationally under optimal conditions and we are proud to contribute to their success.”

Thanks to these online solutions, available simply by activating a module on its platform, iBanFirst stands out from the model of traditional banks and its competitors on the FX market.

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